2022-2023 Vision

Berean Christian School works with parents to educate and provide students with a well-rounded and solid Biblical foundation for life

  • We desire our students to become leaders in their field as adults in whatever working environment God places them

BCS uses a blended education approach under the guidance of a classroom instructor who establishes a personal relationship with each student.

  • In order to be future leaders in their community, students must be taught leadership using an active, hands-on approach that is not limited to a classroom. Leadership lessons will provide each student the opportunity to develop their God-given skills with instruction designed to shape the student’s interaction with other students in various problem-solving activities.
  • We are committed to small enrollment to ensure excellence in training and individualized attention. As such, we use a selective enrollment approach to ensure our focus remains on high-performing, qualified students that can benefit from our education and leadership opportunities within a Jesus-centered environment.
  • We will teach Jesus is the Christ, the Bible is the Word of God, and discipleship to the Lord Jesus Christ is our aim. Students will be taught a biblical worldview. We welcome both believing and non-believing students.

Our school specializes in grades K-8th and we want to ensure we align with future high school options parents will want to pursue for their children as they move forward.

The intent of Berean Christian School is to assist parents in producing future Christian leaders with talent in problem-solving and leadership. This inherently means students must be able to see a need, develop goals and milestones, then implement their plan collectively and cooperatively to reach a defined outcome. To reach this outcome, our instructors will use emotional intelligence training to teach students to develop and apply leadership skills inside and outside a classroom environment. Our students are expected to become adults who are strong in their faith, well-educated, leaders in their fields, and committed to their families.

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