About Berean Christian School

Berean Christian School is a ministry of the Edgemont Bible Church. Begun in 1972, BCS melds Godly character training with academic excellence to produce graduates that are prepared for life and ministry. From its inception, Berean has used the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum, and since 1996, we have retained the highest level of accredited status as a MODEL school.

A.C.E. is founded on the belief that a child can learn on his own if given materials that he can read and understand, written with adequate instructions. Coupled with this belief is the Biblical principle that each person is created an individual with unique capacities, gifts, talents, and abilities. The A.C.E. curriculum is designed to be mastered by the child with adult guidance. It is individualized.

BCS acknowledges that gaps frequently occur in a normal learning experience, due to absence, inattention, illness, and so forth. These gaps in learning, if forgotten, may cause increasing difficulty as a child progresses through school.

We, therefore, test each student and place him in the curriculum areas based on the test results. An eighth grade boy may be placed in fifth grade Math, sixth grade Science and Social Studies, eighth grade English and seventh grade Spelling.

An average student can finish more than one year’s work in a year’s time. Some children who begin below grade level will work up to their grade level in a year. However, the important question to ask is not “What grade level is my child on” but, “Is my child learning, working and accomplishing?”

Another guiding principle of Berean Christian School is that the only kind of training which is Scriptural is that which disciplines a student in all areas of his life. BCS, therefore, has high standards regarding dress, behavior, and conduct.

This means that our school must serve as an extension of the home. A child whose time and habits are left unguided, up to his own choice, will probably experience some difficulty in our school. A child whose TV, music, and literature habits are not well guided may be quite unhappy with the requirements placed on him at school.

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